Age Strong, Flexible, and Fit with Yoga!

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Are you ready to get stronger after 50?

Do you want to experience more freedom and ease in your body so you can do the activities you love?

If you're tired of weak arms, stiff joints, and being out of shape, it's time to...


Come to YOGA!

Dramatically increase your energy and transform your life with yoga.

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You're in the right place...

If you're a woman over 50 eager to move your body more and develop a consistent yoga practice custom-designed for your specific needs, I've got you covered.

Get Strong, Flexible, and Fit!

If you've been thinking,"I really need to do something to get stronger and more flexible." I'm here to tell you, from one 50-something woman to another, "the time is now."

 I'm here to support you to begin yoga!

You Deserve to Look and Feel Your Best!

Hi, I'm Rebecca

I'm on a mission to support you, a woman over 50, to start, or get back into, YOGA!

Our bodies change as we age so does our yoga.  

One of the biggest areas we need to uplevel, as midlife women, is our physical strength.  That's why we add arm-sculpting to our weekly schedule and Allison Kroeger teachers Yoga with Weights every Saturday!

When you're physically fit, mentally clear, emotionally whole, and  spiritually connected, you're happier, healthier, and vibrant!

I've been teaching yoga for over 23 years. I know how to help you.  What do you say?

I say YES to YOGA!

Hear from our Students!

Allison Kroeger

"Yoga, for me, goes way beyond asana, it's also a way of being in the world.

Yoga always meets me where I'm at. There's a lot of changes that go along with your body and your hormones, and your mental state in midlife. Having a yoga practice allows you to navigate those changes really well.

In midlife yoga affords you lots of different options for self-care."


Join us for Yoga!

Barb Elspas

"I'm 63! I love yoga. It makes me feel strong and it reminds me that I can access my body at anytime and anyplace.

I've take yoga class with Rebecca in Atheron, outdoors during covid, at one-day seminars at Costanoa, and 3-day retreats in San Diego and my take away is...

Just hearing her beautiful voice and her calm instructions make me feel like I can do it!"


Come join the fun and feel great!

Barbara White 

Barbara inspired me to finally kick procratination to the curb and get these life-changing yoga stories together for you. Tune into my interview with her.

"I was invited to a yoga class and I thought this is actually really good for my body at this age. 

When I found you in Menlo Park, I thought, "This is the best!"

When we had the pandemic and everything closed down, I found you online and that class and this community has changed my life."




Maddy McBirney

"I love yoga, especially from Rebecca, because it brings me the ability to be flexible in both my life and my body. I enjoy the pace and how it makes me feel really strong.

I feel like zoom yoga allows you to have the ability to work from home with your yoga practice. There's time to interact with other people and it makes is really convenient.

If I did not do yoga, I couldn't get up and down from the floor to play with my grandson. "



Come to Class!


The Divine Light in me recognizes and bows to the Divine Light in you.


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