About Me

Hi, I'm Rebecca!

I'm dedicated to serving you with the healing power of yoga.  Taking after one of my favorite people on the planet, Miss Oprah Winfrey, I'd like to share, "What I know for sure."

What I know for sure...


YOUR Body is a temple~a sacred beautiful home to your Spirit.

YOUR Mind is a Powerful tool of Manifestation.

YOUR Heart's capacity to Love is Immense.

YOUR Spirit is with you always.


When I first came to yoga back in 1996, I was a wonderful mess!  I was growing, for sure.  

I was a single mom putting my self through school by day and waiting tables by night. 

I didn't feel good in my skin.  On the outside, I looked pretty together...confident. But inside, I struggled with a deeply-rooted insecurity which led to addiction to drugs, alcohol, and men!

Funny enough, it was men who illuminated my path to yoga.  Mike, my room-mate at the time, convinced me to take my very first yoga class.  We rode bikes to the California Yoga Center in Palo Alto and my eyes were opened to the healing power of yoga.

I'll never forget Catherine De Los Santos assisting me up to my very first hand stand in my very first yoga class.  

Mike #2, my on-again-off-again boyfriend, took me to my first class at Gold's Gym where I found my first yoga teacher, Marti Foster.

In 2000, I  took a 200 hour teacher training with Ganga White and Tracy Rich of the White Lotus Yoga Foundation.  I trained extensively in Anusara yoga taking over 500 hours of instruction and was on track to become a certified Anusara teacher.   

I teach a style of yoga called Vinyasa Flow, where one pose flows into the next linked by the breath.  The highest intention of Vinyasa Flow is to link your actions with the highest Good.   

I added the word "Alignment" to the style of yoga I teach because I love alignment and I know how important it is for you to know what goes where and how to keep your amazing body feeling good and free of injury.

I like to meet you right where you are and teach you how to bring yoga to your body rather than pushing your body into yoga.

I'm passionate about teaching you to love yourself utterly and completely by opening to the truth of who you really are...with yoga.

Just prior to the Covid pandemic, I became an empty nester! My 2 sons are grown up.  My oldest took flight years ago and never looked back! (Don't get me wrong, he calls his mama!)

My youngest son graduated from LMU in 2023 and is working hard at his new job in Los Angeles.

My hubby and I relocated during the pandemic to Del Mar, California!  It's paradise and we'd love to support you with a yoga retreat here!

I love learning and I'll continue to study yoga for the rest of my life.

Here's a peek at my official teaching-trainings and advanced studies:

White Lotus Yoga Foundation
Teacher Training, 2000

Yoga Journal Convention 2002
Yoga Journal Convention 2003

Anusara Yoga Training 2005-2010
John Friend~Klaus Lehrach~ Kenny Graham~ Stacey Rosenberg~Desiree Rambaugh

Raising Your Vibration Yoga Camp 2012-2018

Desiree Rambaugh and Andrew Rivin

I look forward to seeing you on the mat or online!




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