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Clia Tierney~"Rebecca’s inspiration and guidance to nourish my body with healthy food, fitness, yoga, and meditation had changed my life! She is an awesome coach and cheerleader!"

Barbara  Coll~"On Day 3: shocking discovery when I got on scale. Is it possible I lost 4 pounds in 4 days (2% of total weight)? It isn't that I have been skimping on liquids....mostly less meat, no sugar &minimal starch."

Taira Restar~ "Completed 10 Day Challenge. πŸŽ‰Lost a 3 pounds. More importantly, got off of sugar and wine. Exercising again. Was gifted an Apple Watch! Now able to track my activity. πŸ’ƒπŸ½β€οΈ Happily continuing into “Day 11”. Thanks for accountability. Needed it! . . . Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ"

Jeanne B~ "Yay. I've  missed you Rebecca. I'm pretty much still on cleanse without cranberry cocktail. Lost 10 lbs.  Still losing.  More energy. Just finished my 90 min private yoga session. So much more flexible and able. Daily practice..little more pain as I taper off vicodin I've been on for 15 years...all good if I do yoga every day. You've been a lifesaver. Thank you god n goddesses"

J.H. ~ "Hi All! I am on Day 10 of the cleanse...I faired better than I expected with several evening events where I refrained from wine and sweets...the challenge comes next in sticking with better choices going forward. My intestines are thanking me as I have had lots of digestive issues this past year and they are slowly feeling better, a good clue that I am doing the right thing. Need to boost my cardio next...Thank you Rebecca for the encouragement and your leadership in making it 50 days sans wine!"

Allison Kroeger~"Since Coming to Rebecca’s Yoga classes and enrolling in her Vibrant Body online program, I am more connected to my body, mind, and Spirit.  I am Vibrant!"

Andi H~"Self love for me started with accepting who I am - body and all. I have struggled with not feeling good enough for most of my adult life because of my weight and it has yoyo'd for years. Putting on 10kg AGAIN last year (to protect myself emotionally) was just another cycle - this programme is giving me the tools I can use for life - thank you Rebecca.My self love isn't going to be for the next 5 days but for the rest of my life!"

Leslie McNeil~"I have lost at least 5 pounds since I started the cleanse! and boy, did the first cookie in 2 weeks taste delicious! But I did not need any more...that sugar craving is not ruling me now"

J.R.~"Before coming to yoga with Rebecca I was feeling anxious and unfocused. Physically, I had a hamstring injury from too much running and  I was gaining weight.  I was almost 50 years old and my family dynamic was also changing causing lot of stress. Mentally, I was feeling anxious and searching for something to get back in control of my physical health.

It's been just over 1 years since I've been coming to Rebecca's classes and today my body is stronger, leaner and calmer.  Specifically I notice  how in tune I am with my mind and body connection. I have allowed meditation into my daily routines, like walking the dogs, tidying the house, etc. I still have more work to do to reach my Ideal weight goal, but I feel more positive about my body.

What I appreciate most about Rebecca's teaching is her ability to teach us all aspects of yoga. She gives so much of herself as a teacher. She has taught me that yoga is more than a physical practice, it is a practice of the mindfulness and gratitude.  In addition, I have been able to enjoy running again without the frequent injuries because of yoga.  I am passing on love for yoga to my teen daughters as it will benefit them in their busy lives.  I am grateful to Rebecca for teaching me all the wonderful aspects of yoga and meditation."

 Veronica Lutz~ “Working with Rebecca was such an amazing experience for me. I usually am not a fan of fast or cleanses but this was so do-able.  The Vibrant Body Program is filled with support, love, and encouragement. I initially joined to help me make healthier eating choices but I ended up losing 8 pounds as an added benefit.  

If you’ve been looking for that excuse to prioritize yourself, heal yourself, and offer self love this is the BEST program!  Thank you Rebecca and alos thank you to the vibrant body ladies that inspired me and encouraged me! 

Vanja~ "I felt so good during this cleanse. I've established a great routine, healthy eating, yoga, walking. I felt in control and I even lost 5.5lbs!!! 



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