7 Chakra Path to Your Vibrant Life and Happy Body!

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Do you know about your chakras? 

Chakra is a pretty common house-hold word here in California.  But, even if you're in the mid-west, if you're into yoga, you've probably heard the word, Chakra.

Most women I know who love yoga, fall in love with the chakras, at some point or another.

I mean they're colorful, they're mysterious, they're spiritual, and they can help you navigate your world.

The word Chakra, in sanskrit, means “wheel” or “disc”; it refers to the vortex of energetic activity flowing from the major nerve gaglia of the spinal column.

There are 7 major chakras that align the spine from the crown of the head to the base of the spine.

Each Center is represented by an element, is associated with a color, has a name, and relates to aspects of consciousness, psychology, archetypes, and philosophy.

The chakras are the energy of yoga, harnessing this energy, both on and off the mat, will take you down a path to vibrant health, dynamic balance, and a creative life you love!

Follow these 7 Chakra Steps to your vibrant life and happy body:

Step 1: Connect with the Divine through Meditation: 

Step 2: Vision Your Vibrant Health and Wellness

Step 3: Speak About Your Wellness Goals

Step 4: Love Yourself, Return to Balance,  Find Your Wellness Tribe

Step 5: Take Action in the Direction of Your Wellness Vision

Step 6: Tap into the Pleasure and Passion of your Juicy Life

Step 7: Take Good Care of Your Body Temple and Thrive


Chakra 7: Connect with the Divine. This energy center is located at the top of your head. Sahasrara is the name given the crown chakra. It means “Thousand Petaled Lotus.” 

Meditation enhances the balance of this energy center and allows Universal wisdom to enter to top of the head.

Connecting with your Spirit gives you much needed resolve for getting off the wine, sugar, and caffeine.

Chakra 6: Vision Your Vibrant Health and Wellness: 6th chakra, or third eye, is located in the middle of your forehead just above your eyebrows.

This chakra is called Ajna which means both to “perceive” and “command.” Welcome to the command center of your life!

See your way into your new healthy lifestyle. Dream about what you want, use your imagination, see the changes you want to make in your life in vivid color, texture, shape, and vibrancy.

Chakra 5: Speak about Your Wellness Goals; Speaking your truth ignites the power of your fifth chakra, vishuddha, which means “purify” in English. 

One of the best ways to get what you want is to talk about it.

Share your vision of optimal health and wellness with trusted friends and family members.  Be specific about what you want, why you want it, and by when you want to accomplish your goals.

Chakra 4: Love Your Self, Find Your Wellness Tribe: We’re in the heart chakra! Governed by air, Anahata chakra, translates to “unstruck,” and is all about love, balance, and relationship.

Love is practicing patience and kindness as you make changes in your life.  Buddy up with a friend, or group of friends, and lean on your wellness tribe for support and accountability.

As you reciprocate this support for them, your heart opens to change, you get stronger in your resolve, and you make strides toward your health goals.

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Chakra 3: Take Action in the Direction of Your Wellness Vision and awaken your personal power!  Chakra 3, Manipura, is known as the power chakra, it’s element is fire.  It means “lustrous gem.” 

Taking small steps toward your vision stokes the fire of chakra 3. Action sparks momentum, gives you power to resist temptation, and burns through inertia. When your power chakra is balanced you’re ready to get up and go!

Chakra 2: Tap into the Pleasure and Passion of a Vibrant Yoga Body!  Second charka is called swadisthana which means “sweetness.” It’s element is water.  

This is about movement, creativity, sensation, desire, sexuality. Getting into the flow of good choices goes beyond diet and exercise, this chakra teaches you to re-awaken your passion and pay attention to what delights your senses.

Chakra 1: Take Good Care of Your Body Temple and Thrive!  We’ve journeyed down the chakra path to the base of the spine, the root chakra. It’s sanskrit name is Muladhara, which translates to “root support.”

This is the energy center that governs your body and your physical world. Caring for your body as the temple of your Spirit leads to vitality and an experience of thriving.  

This includes nourishing your body with healthy meals and rituals as well as caring for your surroundings.  

This chakra balances when you take care of your body, your home, your car, and your bank account.  Root chakra loves organization and taking care of business.

Harness the power of your chakras and create your vibrant body and happy life.

I look forward to guiding you to embody the whole of yoga.







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