Becoming Stronger than your “habit energy”

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2019

I read this beautiful passage, in my yoga class, from Thich Nhat Hahn’s little book, HOW TO SIT.

Take a few moments to gather your energy by taking a couple of conscious breaths, and ponder Thich’s teachings on “Habit Energy.”

Habit Energy

"When you sit, you may feeling something pushing you to get up and do something else.

That’s the energy inside each of use called habit energy.

Habit Energy is energy that is fueled by an old pattern, situation, or habit.

It isn’t based on our real needs and our real situaition in the present.

Habit energy is always pushing.

We have the habit of thinking that happiness isn’t possible in the here and now

that we have to go look for it somewhere else or in the future.

That’s why we keep running. Our parents ran too. They transmitted the habit of running to us, and they received it from their ancestors.

It’s a longstanding habit.

We deeply believe that in the future we may have more conditions for our happiness and that our “real life”lies somewhere else.

It’s because of our habit energy, that the present moment can seem boring.

It is a strong energy. If we are not aware of it, it can be stronger than we are.

When we sit and invite the sound of the bell, it is a reminder to let go of that

habit energy and return home.”

May we be stronger than our habit energy, sit, invite the sound of the bell, and come home to this moment!

The simple practice of child’s pose (pictured above) while breathing deeply, will guide you back to yourself and help you become stronger than your habit energy.



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