The Health Benefits of Yoga and Cardio: Do We Really Need Both?

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2019

The Health Benefits of Yoga and Cardio: Do We Really Need Both?

If you want to reap the hundreds of health benefits of cardiovascular exercise and yoga, then YES!

You might be thinking, “I get to my yoga mat 3 times a week, why do I need cardio?”

What does cardio offer that yoga doesn’t?

I’m going to share the top 5 benefits that come from pumping up the cardio but first let me tell you about my personal experience.

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 22 years and teaching for 18 years. In my younger days, I worked out at the gym, went running, hiking, and walking.

I got so into yoga that it became my main physical activity.  As a teacher, I practiced a lot but it wasn’t the same as my cardio workouts.  In fact, unless the room was warm, I wouldn’t break a sweat.

And even if the room was warm, the sweat was triggered more from the external heat then my practice.

I felt good but I wasn’t as fit as I was when I was doing both yoga and cardio.

When I went for my annual physical I stayed the same weight, which was 150 and sometimes 151 or 152.

And I thought “Ya, that’s pretty much what I weigh. I’m exactly the same as last year, give or take a pound or two.”

But I knew that 150 was on the heavier side for me. My most balanced weight is about 140, even 138, if you want to get specific.  And those 12 pounds definitely weren’t coming from my super sculpted yoga muscles.

No, those 12 extra pounds were showing up as fat padding my middle, my arms and mostly my butt and legs.

I decided it was time to get back to cardio and I found Orange Theory Fitness.

Have you heard of it?

If not, you’re probably thinking… “what?”

“Orange Therapy what?”

Orange Theory Fitness is a High Intensity Interval Training workout that combines running at different speeds and inclines, rowing, and a floor work-out.

In short, its the best workout I’ve ever had but more importantly, it is the most consistent I’ve been with a cardio workout.

I have experienced a complete shift in my fitness and my body since adding cardio to my life.

My Yoga practice feels better.  I am stronger and I have more energy in my poses.

And there is no way I could workout OTF style without my yoga!  They fit together like peanut butter and jelly.

If you’re not currently getting your heart-rate up for 20-30 minutes a few times a week, in addition to your yoga, these top 5 benefits of cardio might just inspire you to go outside for a run as soon as you're finish reading.

And then meet me on the mat for yoga! (Click on the graphic above and you'll get a free yoga class with me.)


#1 Boost Your Mood

#2 Burn Fat

#3 Lower Blood Pressure

#4 Strengthen Your Bones

#5 Sleep like a Baby


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