The New Moon and the Lemon Tree

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2019

Today, on the New Moon in Pisces, I went outside, as suggested by my Moon Goddess, Dana Gerhardt.

She said to go outside and take in everything, the sky, the weather, the sounds, the temperature, the animals, all of it and just notice where your energy is drawn.

I noticed the bare trees, how they look dead yet they're simply in their winter season.  My eyes take in the half-alive half-dead lemon tree that grows right outside of our front window. 

When we first moved here, this lemon tree was lush and bountiful producing hundreds of lemons nearly throughout the entire year.

Then came the year when the children, with their sticks and imagined worlds, unknowing of the harm they would cause Miss Lemon, struck her branches and broke her bark, soon stripping it from her body.

I remember telling the kids not to do that to Miss Lemon. That it would hurt her an she would struggle to live.

Those children have long since moved away.  And the little lemon tree struggles to live on.  Half alive with leaves of bright yellow and green, lemons sprouting from the life-filled side of the tree, half brown stiff sticks and lifeless.

So, I write about being half alive and half dead on this day of my New Moon Divination, of struggling to survive, of bursting forth with color and life from the winter browns.

I'm aware of the potential within me, the part of me that is dying to be fully Alive!

I'm paying attention and I'm grateful.

This desire to be fully alive is the inspiration for my New Year's resolution, to begin the first 90 days of the year alcohol-free.  It's day 65 and I am more alive than ever.  I'm tuning in to the subtle energy that is all around me.

I've been called to the sun and the moon like never before and I'm answering the call.  I've witnessed 4 sunrises and 1 moon rise and I'm basking in the glow and flow of the Divine.

Have you ever felt like you're sleep walking through life, a decade goes by, you wake, momentarily, thinking, "Where did the time go?"

If you're interested in waking up to life, with me, join me at the Super Moon Rise at the Baylands in California and we'll be fully alive, together.

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Here's to Living Vibrantly, together!

With Love,





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