Flex Your No, Strengthen Your Yes with YOGA!

wellness yoga May 14, 2019

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to changing your diet saying "NO" is like a workout? 

Saying "No", when you're craving chocolaty cookies, crispy chips, or a smooth glass of wine, is an exercise.

Saying "NO" is like lifting weights.

Think about it, when you first get start lifting weights, the weights are awkward and unfamiliar. 

You've got to figure out the correct weight, learn the proper technique, and do several repetitions, a few times a week, a few weeks in a row, before weight lifting feels natural to you.  

The same is true of flexing your "No!"

This week, I challenge you to build your "NO" muscles and get stronger! With consistent reps, making healthy choices will become the norm for you. It will feel natural.

There might be times when you just don't feel strong enough to lift the "NO," and you go off the rails, give in, and eat a cinnamon roll! So be it! 

Let it go and move on.

I'm right in the middle of leading, and participating in, my Vibrant Body Cleanse. During the cleanse I support women to cut the crap from their diet. We get off of wine, sugar, gluten, processed foods, and we minimize meat.

Last night, I wanted a glass of wine. I had a long day at a women's event on the coast and I just wanted to come home and unwind.

On the way into Draegar's, to get my healthy salad, I said to myself, "Rebecca, strengthen your "NO" and DO NOT walk out of that store with a bottle of wine."  

In that moment I felt a resolve rise up in me and my YES took over!

"YES!" to a Vibrant Healthy Body!

"YES!" to losing 5 pounds!

"YES!" to looking and feeling amazing!

Getting to your yoga mat supports you to take the extra moment to pause and think about what you really want for your body and your life.

The practice is way more than what you do on your mat. It's about aligning with a healthy lifestyle.

This week, keep flexing your "NO"  and let's strengthen our "YES" together!

With Love and Strength,

Rebecca Snowball

[email protected]



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