The 3 C's to successfully change your habits!

wellness yoga Jun 25, 2019

Changing habits is no easy task, especially when it comes to diet and exercise.

It can be so challenging, that many people stop before they even get started, missing out on the great pleasure that comes from being fit and healthy.

I've found, for myself and my clients, that with these 3 C's change is not only more likely, it's likely to last.

The first C is COMMITMENT, which brings to mind my favorite quote on the subject, 

"Commitment is doing what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you."  ~Anonymous

Commitment is the glue that bonds you to your goals.  It's a pledge to yourself, it's a vow. Commitment ignites your fire!  In yoga, fire is the element of the 3rd chakra, located at the solar plexus, the power center. 

If you want to change your lifestyle and be healthy, vibrant, and fit, you've got to light the fire of your power chakra!

 So, how do you get committed?

Paint a vivid picture, in your mind's eye, of your wellness vision!  What does your life look and feel like when you've changed certain habits?

See yourself eating healthy fruits and vegetables, drinking clean purified water, walking in nature, and living a healthy lifestyle.  

See your body strong, fit, and flexible.  Allow this image to pull forth your commitment statement.

Keep your statement in the present tense, make it easy to remember, and say it aloud.  Write or print it in big letters, cut it out, and hang it next to your bedroom mirror.  Look into your eyes and say your commitment statement aloud everyday!

"I AM committed to my vibrant healthy body and lifestyle."

The second C is Consistency: where commitment lights the fire, consistency stokes it and keeps it burning.  

I recently asked a group of over 200 women about their biggest challenge when it came to eating healthy and exercising.   One of the top answers to this questions was being consistent.

Have you experienced this lack of consistency?

You get excited about turning over a new leaf and getting healthy.  You're off to a great start, munching on veggies and salads, getting to yoga 3 times a week, and adding in some running. 

You're feeling good, you're committed... but then, something breaks your flow.  Maybe the weekend came and you decided to give yourself a break knowing, with absolute certainty, that you'll be back to your wellness warrior self by Monday.

But then Monday comes and goes and you still can't find your way back to your new healthy lifestyle.

That's because the fire went out.  When you stop taking action, the fire weakens and motivation is extinguished. The good news is, the point of power is right now!

Revisit your commitment, say it aloud, and take one small action in the direction of your goal, and then one more, and one more.  Do something for your health, everyday. Even if it's something easy like drinking 6 glasses of water.

The third C is Community.

When it comes to changing habits, we need all the energy we can get!  Community is that energy, it's fuel for the fire!

Having a community of like-minded women in your life is a game changer!  Changing health habits with a friend, or a group of friends, is easier and more fun than going it alone.  And you're more likely to stick to it when you've got some women holding you accountable.

Community opens your heart.  In yoga the heart center is known as anahata chakra.  It's about love, balance, and relationship; it's element is air.  Having community is like adding logs to the fire and gently blowing air on the flames.  The fire burns brighter, stronger, and invites you to stay close to the warmth of your tribe.

Practice the 3 C's as you embark on your wellness journey. 

The energy of yoga, the chakras, is a map to your yoga mind-body lifestyle.  Click the image below to access your free 7 chakra guide and follow each chakra center to your best health!

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