How tuning into my body kept me out of Urgent Care.

Last weekend after teaching my Saturday morning yoga class, I went to an ecstatic dance class.  I hadn't been to dance in a long time.  

It was great!  I was swirling around the dance floor connecting with friends and strangers through our shared love of movement.

I had moments of pausing, resting, and catching my breath.  At one point, I wrapped my arms around my friend, felt my utter exhaustion, and said, "I am so-o-o tired!"

I felt rung out and I felt sad about it because I could dance for hours and not be as tired as I was in that moment.  Is this life after 50? 

Is this the peri-menopausal crap I'd been hearing about and now it was happening to me?

I didn't know, but I needed to eat and I needed to rest.  I got home, made a nice breakfast of eggs, avocado, and spinach and refueled. I had the entire day ahead of me.  I had things to do, places to go, people to see.  Or so I thought...

My body had another agenda. She wanted to lie...

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